Ploutus-D ATM Jackpot


How does it work?

The Ploutus-D works on the Diebold Nixdorf and NCR ATMs world wide with big wall ATMs and the small ones. You will need to access the ATMs usb ports but they are easy to access, inserts a knife into the faceplate at the top of the ATM, it will flicks out, and exposes the ATMs USB port or drill a hole.

There will be manuals included, instructions how it works in detail and video’s of the malware in action. Insert the USB stick and press CTRL+ENTER (more in manuals) and a normal Windows Explorer will popup from there browse to the USB stick and open the Ploutus-D or open cmd and enter the command (E):\ploutus.exe
You will need the following:
– Knife or flat screwdriver for small ATMs – Drill with a hole saw/cutter for wall ATMs/(small ATMs) – USB hub (4x ports recommended) – Flashlight
– Keyboard with inbuild touchpad or with a separate mouse (wired recommended) – USB Stick with LED (4GB recommended) – The Ploutus-D malware .exe (SDK just in case)

Ploutus-D ATM Malware [latest] + Full source code – Manuals/Video’s/Instructions included

What is in the manuals?
The tools you need, Extra Instructions, Tricks and AV bypass (just in case)

How long does the ATM attack take?
Depending on small or wall ATM but usually arround a Minimum of 3 minutes max 10.

Does it work world-wide with all ATM manufacturers?
It works world-wide but it does only work with the Wincor Nixdorf and NCR ATMs.

Does it bypass the AV?
Yes it does, most of the ATMs doesn’t have AVs but there will be a manual include to bypass just in case.